How much time have I for paymant?

We are waiting 3 working days for your paymant.

Where can I buy Freeme clothes?

Our stuff you can buy at our online shop. They are also available in selected schools of yoga. Addresses of shops you can find at our website.

Where can I find the detail about Terms and Conditions?

Detail about Terms and Conditions you can found here

What happens to my order when I do not pay?

It will be canceled and add to an online store.

What is the delivery time?

The delivery time is 7 working days form the date of receiving the payment. The goods will be send by courier.

What are the shipping costs?

You will find the information about shipping costs in Terms and Conditions. Those information will be also given during the order process (the cost depends form the delivery country).

I have placed two orders in the same time for two different products (the same delivery address). Is it possible to combine those two orders in one package? Or I have to pay twice for shipping?

Yes, you may combine two/or more orders in one package if the payment will be issued in the same time (total amount shall be transferred). In such a case please provide us with information by e-mail shop@freemeyoga.com with situation description and number of the order/s asap.

Accidently I have made the same order twice – what shall I do?

Just write to us at shop@freemeyoga.com and inform us which order shell be cancelled – necessarily provide us with the order number and your name.

Do I have to create an account to place he order?

No, you may purchase products without creating an account.

Will I get any receipt for purchased product?

Yes, the receipt will be send with the ordered product.

Do I have to give my phone number during the order process?

No, but it will be really helpful during delivery – the courier will have possibility to contact you before delivery.

I have placed an order but did not get any conformation…why?

If the order is placed correctly you will always get the confirmation of the order with the order number on your e-mail. If you have not received it please check your spam folder and if you will still not have it please place order one more time (please double-check if your e-mail address is correct).

How can I contact FREEME regarding order enquiry?

If the order has been placed correctly (order, confirmation, payment transfer) you shell receive it in 7 working days time. In case of problems/ doubts please contact us shop@freemeyoga.com  – please write order number in the e-mail topic.

What does it mean Processing/Complete Status of the order?

Processing Status of the order it means awaiting for the approval of order realization.
When we will receive the payment, the status of the order is changed for Complete Status and the order is ready for shipment.

Is delivery possible also during the weekends and holidays?


Will products that have a status “our of stock” will be available for purchase?

Some of the products that have status “out of stock” may be available again. To get precise info write to us at shop@freemeyoga.com – please write the product number in the topic. We will replay asap.

How can I contact FREEME?

Enquires regarding: Shop, Orders, Payments – shop@freemeyoga.com
Enquires regarding: Press, Cooperation, Promotion, Marketing, Collaboration – natalia@freemeyoga.com

Where you can find FREEME web-shop Terms and Conditions?

You will find it here.

What is my US size?

We get a lot of this question from down unda’, so to make it easier, here is the online converter we frequently refer to.

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